Quilted Sweatshirt Patterns

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All of the jackets are made on sweatshirts which are used as your pattern pieces for sizing and your batting for quilting.  The patterns include directions for sizing the sweatshirt, lining the jacket and for adding length if you like.  Each pattern is unique in the style of quilting that it uses.  There are no paper pattern pieces needed and the sizing is decided by the sweatshirt you use.  We recommend 50/50 Blend sweatshirts with set in sleeves.

Quick Tip

Here is a tip when using a sweatshirt as your foundation.
If you would rather not line the jacket because of weight flip the sweatshirt so that you put your quilted panel onto the fuzzy side or inside and the rightside of the sweatshirt will be your lining.  This works except if you are adding length to your jacket or if you are using the pattern Sunset Strip.  Remember to use a bobbin thread to match!